Dafne Garden Cafè Rome

Inside the Apollo Boutique Hotel Rome, an exclusive café where you’ll find your respite corner in the urban jungle from breakfast to aperitif.

The Pontecorvi hotelier family legacy in the leafy Prati district that encapsulates the Vatican City strides past the 70-year milestone in its third generation. Dafne Garden Cafè is hidden in a secret garden with independent street entrance and a unique and exclusive design that ties the interior spaces and creates a common thread with the outside: the green of the garden, the chromatic games of the tables with geometric shapes, from white to anthracite gray passing through turtledove.

The gastronomy is structured around breakfast, lunch and aperitif with a careful selection of small Lazio farms of the Campagna Amica circuit. For aperitif there is a classic drink list with some personal touches, such as cocktails dedicated to Apollo and Dafne.